The Limited Statutory Examination  (Workbook)

«The Limited Statutory Examination (New edition)»

German output in cooperation with Treuhand Suisse

The book ( new edition ) provides comprehensive knowledge about this Swiss way of testing of SME companies that take account of their needs in terms of scope and content of the review and an involvement of auditors in accounting .
Unerlässlich für KMU-Revisorinnen und -Revisoren.

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The Limited Statutory Examination  (New edition)

«The Limited Statutory Examination (Workbook)»

Tasks , solutions and case studies on Camponovo Rico A. Kissling Raphael Renggli Karl

Employees of Tobias Honold
The workbook provides for each chapter of the standard work numerous questions and answers about the theory and practice of each thread . The workbook is used primarily to students as an efficient means deepening learning aid and safe learning control .

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