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*User friendly, inexpensive, and self-explanatory – LucaNet makes your life easier.
The number one consolidation tool!*

  • At a glance:
  • Consolidation functions: consolidated income statement, consolidated balance sheet, cash flow statement
  • Supports all consolidation methods
  • Integrated foreign currency translation
  • Converter with the ability to import data from over 100 systems
  • Parallel preparation of multiple financial statements based on the financial reporting standards of your choice
  • Parallel display of any income statement and balance sheet structures selected
  • Workflow-support for the entire consolidation process
  • Rule-based integrated financial planning
  • Dynamic planning on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
  • Extensive selection of comparative views
  • Complete Excel integration for planning and reporting
  • Cloud computing

Clear and easy to understand.
LucaNet makes it really easy to trace, at any time, who has been working when on which document and what changes have been made. Instead of spending a lot of time manipulating Excel tables, the consolidation or planning scenarios are available to view on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, and are clear and easy to understand. With only a few clicks you can trace back from each account entry to the supporting-document level.

LucaNet saves you an impressive amount of time and money! Thanks to the ability to effortlessly import data from over 80 different data sources, you can get started with your group accounts in no time. On average, LucaNet costs less than half of what you would pay for comparable competitive products.

Consolidation becomes a breeze thanks to LucaNet's intuitive user interface (see screenshots). Assistants are available to help guide you through the individual steps of the process. You will familiarize yourself with the product in no time!

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